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Adult Sabbath School
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Adult Sabbath School

 Here at Ephesus SDA Church, we regard Sabbath School as the heartbeat of our church.  We come together every Saturday morning for spiritual growth and fellowship.  All are welcome to join in the fellowship and study.  Sabbath School is not only for our members, but exist to train its members to minister to nonmembers, and the unchurched.  Our Sabbath School is divided into two segments.  Segment #1 consists of worship through prayer, singing and mission spotlights.  Segment #2  is the actual breaks out into small groups to study the bible through the aid of a lesson  study guide developed by the worldwide church’s Sabbath School Department. 

               Examples of classes available to you are:           

          Class           Lead Teacher

  1. Traditions:  Ray Gibson
  2. Galileans’:  Donald Cantrell
  3. Koinonia:  Kyle Golson
  4. Seekers of Salvation:  Tony Thomas

      Non-Traditional Classes

Bereans’:  Donald Vanterpool


Our Sabbath School Department is headed up by: 

Leonette Hollingsworth  Superintendant

Lauretta Roe  Asst. Superintendant

Mary Brown  Secretary

Monica Critchlow  Asst. Secretary


Adult Lesson Study