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Interest Committee/New Members


commitment to Christ. 

"To prepare God’s People for works 

of service, so that the Body of Christ 

may be built up”.  Ephesians 4:12 



New Member Ministry or Interest Committee is 

vital to the continued growth of church members as 

we# as to the growth,development,discipleship , 

and empowerment of new members as thy discover 

their gifts and role in carrying out the gospel 

commission. Many people join or remain in 

churches because of relationships, not just a 

conviction of the doctrines. Christ was the master of 

how to build and encourage lasting christian 


One of the keys to ensuring that new members grow 

and remain in the church is to nurture them as 

Christ did. Jesus simpliļ¬ed the truth; gave the big 

picture; did not just lecture, but made his talks 

relevant; gave a sense of heritage, or belonging; and 

empowered men and women to soar beyond where 

he went.(Maxwell Leadership Bible,p.1238) 



*Connect new memebers with other members and various ministries in the church.
* Encourage them to take advantage of training to identify their spritual gifts, then train and equip them to use those gifts.
* Be their support, and address or make referral for issues that may arise as they adjust to a new lifestyle.
* Encourage their involvement in ministry in teir home, church, work place, school, or community.
* Encourage church members to take an active part by assigning guardians to the new members
* Ensure new members attend the foundations classes which are mandatory




These classes assist in the 

development of a fundamental 

knowledge of the bible and assist new 

members in orientation to the Church, 

Vision of Ephesus, ministries and 

their functions, tithing, special days, 

proper channels and duties of 

members toward the interests of the 

church and other church   are held 

Sundays from 12-3pm brunch