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Sensational Seniors
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Sensational Seniors
Adventist Elder Care Ministry was organized by a steering committee consisting of representatives from various departments of the General Conference and the North American Division (NAD). NAD Adventist Community Services was asked to develop this ministry which coordinates education and services related to aging, health, finance and social issues for seniors in the church and community in collaboration with community-based elder care programs.

With the goal of an Elder Care Ministry in every congregation in the North American Division, an educational curriculum has been developed for those who have a special interest in this important area. We also have partnered with the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, which is an organization that educates professionals to work more effectively with their senior clients. A scholarship discount is available for their CSA Education Course. For more information about this organization, visit www.csa.us

Opportunities for local churches are many. We can serve seniors and support caregivers with information and other resources.

Here is a model to follow when organizing a ministry to seniors and their caregivers:

 1.    Select a senior care coordinator/committee/council
 2.    Gather information about older adults including church and community demographics
 3.    Review existing church programs
 4.    Survey Community social service agencies
 5.    Develop ministry plans/programs for seniors
 6.    Establish a shared vision, set goals and objectives
 7.    Identify resources and key people
 8.    Involve other area churches and agencies
 9.    Implement your program
10.   Evaluate/enhance your program

Examples of ministry ideas for seniors include: benefits checkup, community education courses, caregiver support groups, community senior health fairs, homemaker services, home repair/maintenance services, companion services, telephone reassurance, adopt-a-grandparent program, respite care services, worship/prayer, study groups, and travel opportunities – just to name a few.

These primary resource agencies for older adults provide information about
local services and resources available for seniors.
                        Ohio Department of Aging                    
(614) 466-5500 or 1-800-266-4346
   Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging
                       (614) 645-7250 or 1-800-589-7277