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People with disabilities within the community and local church are often spiritually neglected. The signs on the front of our churches say “WELCOME,” but many of these same churches present insurmountable barriers to individuals with disabilities. The steep stairs, narrow doorways and hallways, and restrooms located on another floor or in distant locations are generally unreachable by people with physical disabilities and elderly. Inaccessible pews prevent people in wheelchairs from sitting with family members. Strict adherence to worship schedules prevents the participation of people with certain disabilities because of the extra time needed in moving from seat to duty and back. In too many places these barriers discourage those with disabilities from attending and joining – even when they are looking for a church home.

Church members are expected to encourage equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in their communities and congregations by eliminating physical and attitudinal barriers. They should see the removal of restricting obstacles for the individuals with disabilities not only as a present challenge, but a high priority if their church is seeking to fulfill the Christ’s mission of reaching, nurturing, and enabling all people. 

The position of disabilities awareness coordinator has been established at the union conference, local conference, and local church levels to give special attention to members and others with disabilities.

Specifically, the job description of the Disabilities Ministries Coordinator is to:  

Monitor physical access to the church facilities and functions, and make recommendations that will help to make the church fully accessible to people with disabilities. 

Provide education for the church members concerning mental, emotional, and physical disabilities and the people they effect. 

Assist inthe process of assimilating people with disabilities into the active life of the church. 

Conduct surveys to identify the needs of  people with disabilities in the church and community. 

Develop, coordinate, and maintain vital programs to meet the spiritual needs of  members with disabilities.  

Serve as a liaison with Christian Record Services (the church’s ministry to the blind, www.christianrecord.org) and local organizations that provide services to people with disabilities. 

Responsibilities in the Local Church, by the Church Resources Consortium, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Church. Copyright © 1997, Revised 2002.

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